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Great Guru Software – MetaFourGL

Feb 10, 2008


You're Reading: Great Guru Software – MetaFourGL

A post in MVDBS

Some years ago, I found this web site – GREAT GURU SOFTWARE.

The Great Guru has a 4GL for PICK called MetaFourGL.

I did try it on UniVerse, but was never able to completely get it to run. Installation was into an account and there were some issues with the core programs not compiling under UniVerse.

I think that it is time to give it another go…

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  1. mfgl

    I’m currently supporting a system which uses MetaFourGL for the front end. But it is running in D3 on a W2K box. I do find it very useful, lots of simple features, easy to build and maintain menus, edit screens, apply logic during data entry, etc..

    But, then again, my PICK experience is limited to the last six months….

  2. davidjmurray


    Thanks for your comment. Have you ever had contact with the developer? There is no personal details on the web site for MetaFourGL, though I think that I have tracked down a name from an associated site.

    I would like to confirm with the developer/author/writer/owner what the license on the software is.


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