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RancherOS on Raspberry Pi

Oct 31, 2016
You're Reading: RancherOS on Raspberry Pi

RancherOS can run on a RaspberryPi.

The rancherOS is an operating system designed to run docker containers. It is actually designed as docker containers itself.

Though they have a raspberry pi version and is does work, there are not that many docker images for a raspberry pi.

The simple example of Linux-Dash used for testing your rancherOS on a RPi does not work for this reason.

It can be made to work with a few changes. Create a DockerFile:

FROM container4armhf/armhf-alpine
LABEL architecture="ARMv7"
RUN apk update && apk add unzip curl nodejs
RUN curl -k -L -o master.zip https://github.com/afaqurk/linux-dash/archive/master.zip
RUN unzip master.zip

WORKDIR linux-dash-master

RUN npm install
ENTRYPOINT ["node", "server"]

Now build and run.


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