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SB+ 5.4 Upgrade Marathon

Aug 4, 2006
You're Reading: SB+ 5.4 Upgrade Marathon

Gosh, what fun I have had over the last couple of days.

I needed to upgrade SB+ Server 5.3.6 to 5.4. I had so many problems, it was not funny.

These issues are on MS-Windows 2000 Server.


The windows install process aborts because the SBDEMO account has a file which the upgrade attempts to create:

E:SBPLUSSBDEMOCHDEFNS - cannot create a file that already exists


Just restore the SBPLUS directory, move/delete the offending SBDEMO directory/folder/account and start the upgrade again.


Entering the SB+ account after the windows install/upgrade to instigate the recovery of the old parameters causes UniVerse to prompt for an update to the SB+ accounts VOC. This then aborts and logs off due to the inability to create some files.


The files are not in the VOC but there are in the underlying OS (MS-Windows) so UniVerse attempts to create them but fails. Delete the files/directories from the MS-Windows level and try again. Repeat until it works.


I could not print as all the printers had not been started. All the printer info has got lost.


Re-enter the ‘Maintain Printers’ information in SB+ Printers Admin.


Compiling a report which has been setup to output a PDf comes up with a warning:

Warning: Variable ORIG.OUT.VALUE' never assigned a value


Don’t compile reports!


Some derived fields do not work in the report footer line when the report is displayed as HTML or PDF.


none – mmm – yet…

A busy night was experienced by all.

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