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SBClient 5.4 bug

Oct 20, 2006
You're Reading: SBClient 5.4 bug

During an upgrade to SBClient 5.4 I had some issues with various PC’s. I could not get SBClient to start after upgrading. It would debug.

I solved most of the problems by installing from the CD rather from the network.

Last week, I had a new PC set up and I attempted to install SBClient 5.4 from CD. But, after the install, it would debug when attempting to run the application.

I got the network support people to chase it up and they commented on a number of non-standard setup features, one of them being that it installs to C:IBMSBClient rather than the standard C:Program Files path.

After uninstalling and reinstalling a number of times to no avail, it was summed up as being registry settings.

I then found that there is a similar known problem but with SBClient running under MS-Windows Terminal Server; which I am not. This is caused by Microsoft Security Patch KB917422.

So I un-installed SBClient, un-installed this patch and installed SBClient again into C:Program FilesIBMSBClient. I also had to delete the users local setting for SBClient (C:Documents and SettingsuserApplication DataIBMSBClient) as it got a bit sad after all the problems.

All is now well.

This seems to be an issue with new installs of SBClient as some upgrades that I have do from SBClient 5.3.6 worked. Also my client has rather tight security implemented on most of the PC’s so a user cannot install applications etc.

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