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Socket to me baby…

Jul 24, 2006
You're Reading: Socket to me baby…

OK – bad title.

I have been using the socket functions within uniVerse to talk to MS-Exchange 2003 via the IMAP protocol. So far, I have been able to open a mailbox, get a list of emails, and open and extract the header and body of the emails.

Why you may ask do I want to do this?

Well, I want to watch the users emails so I can see that all emails are being answered on a timely fashion. Also, I wish to extract and archive the emails, so they can be cross-referenced with other notations and payments – providing a activity stream over time.

All possible? Yes, but I am not sure about speed yet. I do not think that you would want to write an email archiving system this way, but limited email extraction should work.

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