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Bugs in products

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

UPnP problems are back again. How to Fix.

UPnP is a troublesome technology with problems dating back many years. Fixing UPnP problems? They can be fixed; sort of!

UniVerse 11.1 Non-Feature Alert

Within the New Features documentation of UniVerse 11.1 is a section call Miscellaneous New Features which explains how...

y2k is now m4c

y2k is now m4c

Remember all the excitement about the year 2000? Yes, it did affect multi-value environments; well it did where I...

WordPress, categories, record keys and more

Well, I have had fun over the last couple of days; upgrading this web site blog to the new version of ...

» Microsoft destroys user data – again! | Storage Bits | ZDNet.com

For those of you who use MS-Word, especially automated with templates, here is an interesting story... » Microsoft

Semicolon strangeness

I wanted to replace a semicolon (";") within a string with a value mark using the paragraph process within SB+ ...

Licence Strangeness

I have been using CURL to access web pages. I have found that CALLhttp does not do cookies, and it is really not ...

First SB+ 5.4 Bug

Well, it did not take long to find the first SB+ bug. I found it yesterday actually. One of the high-lighted bug ...
Blink and its GFE

Blink and its GFE

Remember a GFE in the original versions of PICK? A GFE was a structural database problem, where GFE means - Group ...

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