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A useful list of sample datasets

Need a list of sample datasets or a sample of data to test within the new or modified database without impinging on the insecurity of live data?

More PHP Madness

This is a continuation from a previous post - php-in-universe Well, I have been going mad with the PHP stuff. I have...

Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide

Just got delivered today from Amazon the 'Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide' from O'Reilly. O'Reilly publishes a set of...

New Release of UniVerse PE for RedHat

IBM have released UniVerse PE 10.2.7 for RedHat Linux. It is dated 2008-01-25, 10 days from now, but it can be ...
Try and Catch: Part 2

Try and Catch: Part 2

Continuing from my first post on the wish for a Try and Catch control structure within the U2 products, I had ...

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