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Image by Ag Ku from Pixabay

Document Paradigm in UniBasic

Yet again, while running around the great inter-web, I found an interesting article which compares different database paradigms. The comparisons provided are between relational, document, key/value, and column-oriented databases. This lead me to thinking back to a...
DRY Subroutines

DRY Subroutines

The principle of DRY has been around for sometime. When applied to the PICK/U2 environment, there are two main methods...

U2 Professional Certification

I have been exchanging a couple of emails with Rocket Software regarding the status of the U2 Professional...

New International Spectrum Mag out (March/April 2008)

The latest magazine and PDF from the website is now available. It seems to be crowded full of articles for the ...
Blink and its GFE

Blink and its GFE

Remember a GFE in the original versions of PICK? A GFE was a structural database problem, where GFE means - Group ...

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