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XML and UniVerse

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

New Version of download from cedarville

Cedarville University maintains a rather useful utility for exporting data from U2. Version 7.30 has just been released and is available from ftp://cedarville.edu/download (link dead as of 20200803). There is also a pdf available with 102 pages of documentation!

PHP in UniVerse

After reading the articles in the December 2007 php Architect magazine, I thought that I should be able to get access...


I have been interfacing into MS-Exchange using UniVerse sockets and IMAP. I have been able to obtain access to...

IMAPing to MS-Exchange 2003

From my previous post of socket-to-me-baby I had started on a wee project to interface into MS-Exchange. I had got the...

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