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UniVerse on Linux

Oct 1, 2007
You're Reading: UniVerse on Linux

I am setting up a development environment for a project which will use uniVerse and SB+. As I have VMware, I have decided to use Linux as the OS and the free trial/personal versions of uniVerse and SB+ on Linux.

One of the approved Linux platforms for uniVerse is the RedHat Enterprise series. As this is a personal project, I can not warrant the cost of RedHat, so I will be using CentOS instead.

So I created a default VMware environment of 8GB pre-allocated disk space (one solid block) for a RedHat EL Linux 4 install. UniVerse is not approved on version 5 yet.

Then I installed CentOS v4, with the defaults of Gnome and Server. To keep things simple, I disabled the advanced security offered by SELinux. Then the hour long download of updates followed.

To install uniVerse in Linux, three additional programs/utilities are required which are not installed by default by RedHat/CentOS:

  • ncompress
  • compat-libstdc++-33
  • telnet-server

ncompress provides the uncompress utility and compat-libst c++ version 3.2x/3.3 provides a library utility required by uniVerse. I could have installed these during the OS install process, but it is quicker to install them later than plow through the application lists.

As I will be using SBClient, I also need to install the telnet server, as this is not installed by default; ssh or ssl telnet being preferred.

Then I followed the install notes from the documentation manuals for a Unix install of UniVerse. Strangely there is an error. I could not get cpio to restore the INSTALL script. Linux prefers not to use the ‘c’ option:

cpio -ivBdum < xxxx

This option is to enable the old portable archive format.

Then I ran the script as root and installed UniVerse. All went well.

Under the UniVerse directory, I then installed SB+ server: /usr/ibm/sbplus.

And created my application directory in the same subdirectory (/usr/ibm/app).

Then I logged in using SBClient (a purchased product; not part of the UniVerse/U2 Client/SB+ Personal Editions), changed to the SB+ directory (/usr/ibm/sbplus/SB+) and ran uv.

All worked well, in character and in gui modes.

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