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Web Scraping and PHP

Jan 8, 2008

Tags: Ideas, MVDBS, PHP, Web

You're Reading: Web Scraping and PHP

A post in Ideas & MVDBS & PHP & Web

One of the many things that you can now do with the inbuilt CallHTTP function is web/screen scraping; the reading and dissecting of a web page. Even though the new features within UniVerse and Unidata make it easier, it is still not a simple task.

The php|architect magazine latest issue (December 2007) has an interesting article on web scrapping (Web Scraping, page 26). Admittedly it is using php to do the work, but the process and issues are the same. And it is a good article. Worth a read

And if you are a php person or wish to use php, then another article within the same issue covers using php from the CLI – Command Line Interface (Understanding CLI, page 8). So it is possible to use php scripts within UniBasic via the execute/perform statement. Hmm, thinking, thinking…

All good stuff…

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