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wIntegrate 6.1

Apr 11, 2008

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To match the release of the podcast this week, IBM have also released version 6.1 of wIntegrate. It appears to have numerous enhancements ranging from reporting to Javascript applet integration, and the long touted thin client java-in-a-browser install mode.

I stopped using wIntegrate some years ago when I switched to SBClient, for the full gui 4GL experience.

I will have to wait and see if a pe version is released. It really does sound rather exciting…

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  1. DTSig

    You might want to look at using OpenInsight for your client. Although it comes with a powerful “prime model” db it can be used for a client to the U2 databases. You can GreenScreen for those developers that can’t get out of the 80’s and a full GUI.

    One thing to keep in mind is that OI was developed to be a client for MV world. Not something just bolted on like the other products out there



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